hide and seek

the building on kozia 9 was deliberately hidden from the eyes of the pedestrians, located in a backyard, surrounded by a little park and other conterminous facilities. 

the complex, which consists of 23 dwellings, was dedicated to the people who were in power in the 70s. 

it is an example of post-war modernist architecture and the project was created by the same architects, jerzy kuzmienko and piotr sembrat, of big orange block which can be spotted on karowa 18a.

the one on kozia is pretty similar to the younger sibling. the front façade is made of vertical blocks and diagonally rising balconies.

the viewer will see a different appearance each time changing the angle. especially the contrast between two sides is pretty surprising.

the main side looks just like a bunker. this part of the building is much more harmonious in its structure since the symmetry of the surfaces are stunning.

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photos & text: vaykma

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