absurd outsider: foksal gallery foundation

this distinctly modern appearance (on the left) is the work of leszek klajnert built in 1963 which has been completely transformed into a minimalist beauty (on the right) by diener & diener in 2010. 

back then, the building was allocated for services such as craftsmanship and hairdressing. but now this modernist pavilion is the location for foksal gallery foundation created in 1997. 

↑  photo credit:  powojenny modernizm

↑ photo credit: powojenny modernizm

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at first sight, the observers notice only the gray, raw and rough rectangular block, but after a closer exploration you see the best cloaked rooftop with an amazing city view.

the bold edifice is situated inside a yard surrounded by ordinary flats. the uniqueness of the building is that it looks like a complete outsider on górskiego street. 

sometimes you may come across a question about your favourite thing in the hometown. the answer is absurdity. this is what makes warsaw beautiful.

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photos & text: vaykma

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