big orange block

by swerving from the main streets, many amazing places can be discovered. this is how the big orange block and its sticking out form that takes attention from far has been founded. 

the building on karowa 18a street went through three transformations. the initial one was in 1892, in 1913 it was rebuilt and 26 years after it was completely devastated. what can be seen now is the project realised in 1978 by a group of polish architects.

at the first glimpse its faded, bold and graphical appearance looks like it was meant to be designed as a brutalist form. but it took this shape in an organic and coincidental way. 

the front facade is created by the perfectly symmetrical, square balconies which look not only spectacular but also make the forefront to be used practically. 

during the sunsets and sunrises, a chiaroscuro can be seen upon the structure thanks to the rhythmic surfaces.

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photos & text: vaykma

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