vices and virtues

charles lee powell structural systems laboratory, this tiny building located at the university of california have been the leading centre for structural testing in the united states since 1986. 

only two minute walk away from geisel library, the powell labs is not only doing the majority of the required researches, but also hosting the remarkable work of the artist bruce naumann—vices and virtues.

the installation has been placed in 1988 is a part of the stuart collection of the university which seeks to take the campus as an exhibition space. 

vices and virtues consist of seven pairs of conflicting neon words—faith/lust, hope/envy, charity/sloth, prudence/pride, justice/avarice, temperance/gluttony and fortitude/anger. first, the vices flash, then the virtues flash, and finally they all flash together. these different combinations show the instability of any ethical judgement.