all forms of modern architecture in one campus

university of california san diego has a campus that contains multiple examples of modern architecture in all of its forms even though it's not an architectural school.

the master plan consists of 12 colleges each with its own approach and takes the remarkable geisel library to the focal point of the site.

warren lecture hall is located very close to the library, the brutalist beauty, but has a completely different character. 

the structure gets sunlight into the classrooms through the courtyard that is open to the walkway and also to the sky. 

but the key element that makes the building appealing is not the form but the colors. especially during the fall, the grey facade and the red details blend with the colors of the season, the trees and the leaves.

vices and virtues

charles lee powell structural systems laboratory, this tiny building located at the university of california have been the leading centre for structural testing in the united states since 1986. 

only two minute walk away from geisel library, the powell labs is not only doing the majority of the required researches, but also hosting the remarkable work of the artist bruce naumann—vices and virtues.

the installation has been placed in 1988 is a part of the stuart collection of the university which seeks to take the campus as an exhibition space. 

vices and virtues consist of seven pairs of conflicting neon words—faith/lust, hope/envy, charity/sloth, prudence/pride, justice/avarice, temperance/gluttony and fortitude/anger. first, the vices flash, then the virtues flash, and finally they all flash together. these different combinations show the instability of any ethical judgement.

salk institute for biological studies

architecture—no matter what the function inside the building is—has a significant influence on the system to work properly and effective.

salk institute designed by louis kahn in 1965 is a masterpiece which integrates two different fields: architecture and science. 

no wonder why dr. jonas salk—not only the discoverer of vaccine for polio, but also a man of excellent taste—commissioned kahn to design the building. his instruction was “it should be worthy of a visit by picasso” and louis kahn is an architect who treats the buildings as if they were a piece art.

diseases which effects the whole world such as aids, alzheimer, cancer and diabetes are being studied at the institute and thanks to kahn’s design decisions—with the help of its location overlooking to the pacific ocean— the building is an inspiring working space for the researches. 

brutalist architecture is geisel library

geisel library is the heart of university of california, san diego, both physically and mentally. 

its brutalist and futuristic form designed by the architect william pereira—just like in union 76—was even placed to the university’s symbol. despite the scary and robust statement of the concrete structure, its giant glass coated in aluminum reflects the pink, blue, yellow and lilac colors of the famous californian sunset. 

geisel library must be one of the most impressive and beautiful buildings in the world, even though it was named in “top 10 ugly buildings to visit” list of reuters in 2012.