an intersection of architecture and branding

new york based design studio sagmeister & walsh rebranded the jewish museum located in the upper side of manhattan.

the intention while creating the identity was to connect the historic and the contemporary. 

the whole system is based on the form of “star of david”, sacred geometry, which is the symbol of jewish identity and judaism.

the branding and visual language contains everything from stationery to packaging, from the advertising campaigns to the website.

north brooklyn farm

north brooklyn farm and the bike park with the views of williamsburg bridge, statue of liberty and manhattan skyline are located on an abandoned land reshaped into a social and public green area instead of being used for rental values. 

the bike park where any bike rider can experience is built by velosolutions—a global leader in pumptrack design and construction solutions. 

this recreated area also has a wide urban farming and green place as a backdrop of social activities including private and public events, dinners, volunteer activities and education opportunities. 

north brooklyn farm and the bike park are located right next to the east river shore and in between brooklyn’s industrial landmarks—williamsburg bridge and domino sugar factory. this contrast between the green space and the industrial texture provide a unique experience to the visitors.

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