sun lake drugs

sun lake drugs is an 100 years old pharmacy located at the intersection of sunset and silver lake boulevards—one of the most central points of los angeles. 

the other day, after a car went through the window of the pharmacy, city hall had the excuse to drove it out of business. but the rising rents along sunset boulevard and stiff competition from much larger chain stores are the covered reasons lying behind this operation, which means that this is the end of an era for silver lake neighborhood. 

sun lake drugs, the pharmacy giving cheaper and wider options to the locals, has been also a part of the citywide installation project "richard artschwager!”.

richard artschwager’s “blps”— the pill shaped black marks in the forms of sculptures, paintings, photographs or prints — were born in 60’s, and he placed them all the “unnoticed” places in the cities from streets to buildings, subways to stairwells.

urbanbacklog-los-angeles-sun-lake-drugs-1 (1).jpeg
photo credit:   LAND

photo credit: LAND

after his death in 2013, hammer museum and LAND presented an exhibition in the name of artschwager’s "blps", and selected a number of sites throughout los angeles to paste printed "blps"— from union station to santa monica pier, from venice skate park to sun lake drugs.