all white, all gone

in 2015, french installation artist vincent lamouroux was commissioned by “please do not enter” to cover a forgotten landmark in los angeles all in white.

for projection la, he sprayed the whole structure with ecologically safe white paint—from the trees surrounding it to the windows, from the signboards to the stairs.

white has been chosen as the main color to create a disappearing, ghostly look. 

the purpose was to draw attention to the demolition of the hotel which is soon to be turned into a mixed-use space for retailers, parking lots and restaurants.

“please do not enter” is a well-known retail store and a cultural destination curating events, contemporary art projects and public installations. 

their “please do not enter” logo was placed on the white surface, creating a conflicting effect by looking like a “no entry” sign for the ones who don’t know about the team and the idea behind the project.