designs made to solve problems

jean-robert delb, the architect famous with "tour europe" building in paris, was appointed in 1969 to design the gulf bank in kuwait.

the same as there, concrete pre-moulded elements come together to compose the facade.

these units with a similar appearance to the accropodes (objects that resist the action of waves on breakwaters and coastal structures) are used to control the disturbing sunlight. 

the post-oil era designs have a high-level awareness of kuwait's environment which has long summers with a hot climate. that's the times when designs were made to solve a problem compared to the current designs that feature full-scale glass windows with maximum sun exposure.

high hopes, poor results

al-sawaber housing complex built in 1977 is an important project to take the natives and especially middle-income families back to kuwait’s center.

it was initiated as a political gesture to offer common outdoor areas, large parking spaces and shading solutions for harsh summer sun and sandstorms. 

one of the reasons of its failure is that it’s owned by the government and doesn't have any association owners which ended up as a poor social fabric.

after some tenants started to sub-lease the units, low-income expats started to move in.

the building maintenance is also badly done and has been partially built which means the structure is under the threat of demolition.