"ten" is squeezing the earth

can an artwork and its site be criticized separately in terms of form and/or meaning? if an artwork moves to a new site, should it be readjusted in accordance to this new location?

in mehmet ali uysal’s installation "ten", public space is a part of the work instead of existing merely as a site. although it might seem as a series since there are applications in belgium, france, switzerland, turkey and the united states, it should be considered as one single artwork which is "squeezing" the earth from 5 separate locations.

language of the wall—an inner street art project

pera museum hosted worldwide known street artists for the first and only graffiti and street art exhibition of istanbul— language of the wall. 

all the works—every artist made projects both for gallery and street—will take turkey a step forward for sure, but still: can street art mean something when it’s moved to indoor spaces since it’s made for the streets and integrated with the concepts such as coincidence, discovery, curiosity and surprise?