wall house—every detail has a meaning

it’s impossible to see "wall house" and not get stunned.

at the edge of a lake, in the middle of green. for the first impression, its form just doesn't make sense. but every detail of the house has a meaning.

the red block on the left is the working space, the yellow one on the right is the living room, lila is the kitchen and the green one is the bedroom.

big, grey and concrete wall is the symbol of the house—it’s the transition between front and back, close and open, past and future ↓

long, grey corridor provides the physical transition between home and working space ↓

in the whole house, every single window is positioned for a particular reason. for example, this is the inside of the red box which is the working space. the height of the window on the top provides a vision to outside while sitting on the chair. the other one on the bottom is positioned for the pets who have one ↓

the working space has a higher ceiling than the rest of the house. the purpose of this is to relieve the working space by expanding the space ↓

the living room has nonstop windows surrounding you 360 degrees. this means maximum light and lake view ↓

the bedroom is on the basement. the owner of the house changes every 6 months and they all have to create a project during their period ↓ 

the blanket belongs to bianca from cocorosie. it’s from the times while she was living here to make her own project ↓