pure spaces—the new meisterhäuser in dessau

the meisterhäuser are situated in a little pine forest close to the famous bauhaus school in dessau. 

the director walter gropius himself designed the three twin-houses for the six bauhaus teachers moholy-nagy + feininger, muche + schlemmer, kandinsky + klee as well as his own house in 1926. the buildings soon attained the status as symbols of modern living par excellence. 

in the second world war, the directors’ house and the house of moholy-nagy were destroyed completely. it was just in 2014 when bruno fioretti marquez architects reconstructed both in a blurry yet persuasive way.

the rebuilding is not a simple repetition of forms as a simulation of history. the architects decided to use a rather conceptual approach and created explicitly contemporary buildings. 

though the plan, the dimensions and the exterior forms are reestablished in its pure geometric forms, the use of raw concrete and opal glass give them an almost virtual appearance on the outside. especially the interior is a distinctive invention fitting for the new function as an exhibition space.

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photos: ly dieu dao and alexander stumm text: alexander stumm