art or architecture?

per kirkeby is a 1938 copenhagen born artist who creates pieces in a wide range—from sculptures to paintings, from films to poems. 

but overall, his outdoor brick-made installations must be the main works he is known for. 

these humble monuments can be seen all over denmark in different shapes and themes. their forms are dedicated either to the immediate surroundings or inspired by local features such as danish brick houses or historical structures like mayan temples. 

christiania—a government-free neigborhood

christiania is a neighborhood founded in 1971 by a group of hippies, located in copenhagen but completely independent from danish government. 

a place where there is no police, no top-down rules, no rent, free to use drugs but still peaceful, friendly, full of children parks, art galleries, urban art, museums, green spaces, bars and self-built houses which gives the place an amazing architectural feeling.

christiania welcomes everybody from around the world to visit but you can live or stay there only if your family is from christiania—even being danish is not enough.