mystery behind the pink pipes

what’s the mystery behind the pink pipes in berlin? an art installation? do they follow the trail of the berlin wall? why are they pink?

if you follow the them till one end, you will always get to a construction site and if you follow it to the other end you will always get to a canal or a drainage. because whenever there is a construction in the center, the foundations reach into the water and these pink pipes just pump them away. 

the reason of their pinky color is the thoughtfulness of the company which provided the tubes. 21 years ago, they asked a psychologist to choose a color that children and younger people would like. 

halfway graffiti

in berlin, the whole city structure is sinking in graffiti, but only till the height of where a person can reach to his maximum. 

there is like a visible line. probably because permissions are necessary to grab a ladder or rent a crane to paint higher. but since most of those works are illegal, the situation created a natural line for the graffiti level of the city. 

despite all, street art which seems to be forbidden, is a big part of city’s identity.

wrinkles of the city by jr

jr worked on over 15 buildings in berlin since 2013 for his project "wrinkles of the city". 

with the portrait series of the older people who have lived through the changes and upheavals of the city, the project emphasizes on the value of this old generation who seem to have lost their social significance. 

if you look around carefully, you will come across at least some of these wheatpastes made onto highly visible façades in berlin streets.